Full moon balloons

Moon Balloon systems are helium filled. Moon balloons are a revolutionary alternative to traditional lighting and advertisement products, for outdoor or indoor usage. They provide an even glare, ambient 360-degree shadow free light. It is a comfortable non-glare light, which eliminates blind spots, making their use safe and pleasant.

The helium Moon Balloon is an innovative, state of the art lighting system that brings balloon and lighting technologies together to solve even the most challenging lighting solutions for the Event, Film, Television and Advertising Industries.

The Moon Light Balloon has become a premier medium for illumination at many private and public events held at venues, and private fincas in Mallorca and Ibiza that have insufficient outdoor lighting, and for its unique ability to deliver visual effect as well as safe and pleasant illumination. The moonlight balloon comes in white or orange and the lamps are 2000watts or 4000watts and work on a dimmer system so one can regulate and achieve the desired light intensity.









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